Metal Parts Manufacturing is a business that changes as demands for certain products come and go. We upgrade our facilities as needed to keep our customers happy and meet demands to obtain new customers. With that said, this is the current layout of our facility.

CNC Mills

2 Fadal Vertical Mills 15" x 30" Table

2 Fadal Vertical Mills 20" x 40" Table

CNC Lathe

Hyundai - Kia SKT21L


P&W 2A Table 24" x 36"

Manual Mills

2 Bridgeports

OKD Vertical/Horizontal

Heavy Duty Mill Table 12" x 30"

Manual Lathes

Hardinge Chucker

Hardinge Precision HVLH

Clausing 18" Dia X 72" Long

Grinding Equipment

OD ID Grinder 6" Dia x 24" long

Surface Grinder 8" x 18"

Complete Inspection


Optical Comparitor

Height Gauges

Calibration System per (MIL-I-45208A)